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Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil


Use it as a Body Moisturizer

Store-bought moisturizers tend to contain a lot of water. When it goes on, you’ll feel moisturized, but as soon as the water evaporates, your skin feels parched again. Not with natural oils. Coconut oil is as a moisturizer for dry, parched skin.  in the winter, when  skin gets dried out from furnace heat and  use it in the summer when skin gets dried out from spending a lot of time in the ocean and basking in the sun.

Coconut oil tends to solidify below 75 degrees and it liquifies above it. In winter,  to keep a couple tablespoons of coconut oil in a screw-on container in purse.dab a bit on hands when they get dry. It’s also an amazing massage oil.   

Exfoliate Your Face With It

when skin turned dry and flaky which means have to exfoliate weekly and moisturize daily. 

It’s so much more convenient and much less expensive.

Here’s how use coconut oil as an exfoliator: take a dime-sized amount of coconut oil and rub it into  palms and then over face. then wet a washcloth and scrub face in a circular motion starting at  forehead and working clockwise around face.

No questionable man-made ingredients soak into my skin and  spent pennies for amazing skin, instead of dollars.

Coconut Oil is a Great Hair Conditioner

For women with dry, coarse hair, coconut oil can be an inexpensive, natural way to condition your hair.

Women in Southeast Asia and India have used coconut oil for years. It’s that brilliant. Simply rub a dime-sized amount (a little goes a long way with this stuff) into your hands and then palm the coconut oil onto your dry ends. You can run your palms down your hair to tame frizzy flyaways as well.

 Coconut Oil to Treat Acne and Heal Wounds

 According to dermatologist , coconut oil contains lauric acid which naturally fights the bacteria that causes acne.  it “has potential” for treating acne. coconut oil also contains anti-inflammatory fatty acids which is great for wound healing. use it instead of Desitin on child diaper rashes and it clears them right up.

Use it as a Makeup Remover

For years  used Vaseline as an eye makeup remover. Turns out it’s not such a great idea to use Vaseline near the eye. Coconut oil, however, is a great eye makeup remover. It even removes waterproof mascara. Simply apply a bit to a cotton ball or tissue paper and press on your eyelid. Wipe away the makeup once the oil soaks in. Wipe up excess oil with a fresh tissue.

Use it as a Foundation Primer

If you use a foundation or tinted moisturizer you may notice how much better it goes on when you’ve applied a primer beforehand or moisturizer. Coconut oil works as the perfect primer for foundation.

Simply put a pea-sized amount on face, let it soak in and then apply your tinted moisturizer or foundation. You’ll notice how much smoother your makeup goes on.

Use it to Fight Dandruff

Coconut oil can help keep dandruff at bay. Simply massage coconut oil into scalp, shampoo, then rinse. Keep this up until the dandruff clears up. My instinct says this will cause really greasy hair, but some people swear by coconut oil. avoiding this if you have oily hair and trying something else. It might be great for people with dry hair.

Coconut Oil as a Body Scrub

Buy a body scrub from a store or make your own using coconut oil and sugar or salt. sugar is easier on the skin that salt which can tear.

To make your own body scrub, use 1 part coconut oil to 2 parts brown sugar or table salt. Put the coconut oil in a pot on low heat. Once it’s warmed, pour in the brown sugar or table salt into the pot, stirring it in.  add a few drops of vanilla extract so it smells really yummy. You don’t want all the sugar or salt to melt or you’ll lose the exfoliating benefits, so take your mixture off the heat after a couple minutes of stirring.



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