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Beauty Facts in Curd

Curd also works are a marvelous beauty recipe and is used by many women to treat various skin and hair problems at home.

Treat hair frizz:

 Those who have curly hair end up with a frizzy hair texture. To make it more manageable, consider using curd on your hair at least twice during the week, depending on how frizzy your hair gets. You can apply the curd on its own or also mix lemon juice along with it that will make your locks soft and silky.

Cures rough hair: 

All those expensive hair treatments during the dry winter months can make your mane look unruly. To make sure that your hair stays smooth and soft, use a curd pack once in every week to solve this problem.

Treat dandruff with curd and lemon:

 An excellent cure for dandruff, a curd and lemon pack applied once or twice every week will take care of your dandruff concerns.

Curd and besan for smooth, acne free skin: 

Curd and besan also helps reduce the occurrence of acne. In addition to this, it also helps keep your complexion clean and smooth.

Reduces tanning: 

A plain curd pack also treats tanning. Whether the tanning is mild or severe, you can apply a base of plain curd on your face and neck every day to keep your skin clear.