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Britain (U.K):

The United Kingdom, also called Britain, comprises  England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland.  The desire and aspiration of students of different countries is to study in Great Britain.  Information about the choice of institution, branches of studies and boarding facilities can be obtained from the British Embassy in India. The education imparted in Great Britain is divided into two divisions.   Education in England, Wales and North Ireland is grouped as one division, and in Scotland as another division.  The exceptional quality of education in any field and the plethora of opportunities to do research in Britain have geared up students of different countries to dream of Britain as their fortress of education.

Some Special Features:

Along with  the  Universities that provide good education , there are Institutions that issue certificates  of standard  to determine the standard of the student.

​Education given to students between the age of 16 -18 is acknowledged by the entire world.

​As the courses are designed to suit the day to day work surroundings, the students studying here have good career opportunities at world rank and hence enjoy an advancement in life.

​The students who had different types of education can study here because of the flexibility of education.The relationship among students is cordial because, in general, there is a restricted strength in each class.

Those who have completed 15 years of education can directly join PG degree courses.It is possible to work during free hours, hence a student can earn while he learns.

​The students completed their education in Britain are recognized and respected all over the world.

Overview of Studies

​In Britain, both Degree and Postgraduate Degree courses are available.  Technology and Business related courses  are considered as Degree Courses. Generally they do not have Certificate courses. Frequent changes of the syllabus are effected considering the day- to- day occurrences all over the world.

​There are also Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree courses in B.A., B.Ed., B.E., and B.SC.  As the standard is very high, those who complete the course successfully become a highly skilful individual.  The duration for the Post-graduation course is one year. 

​The duration for M.PHIL and M.Research is 1-3 years and for the research programmes, Ph.D and D.PHIL doctoral degrees, it is 3 years.

​MBA in Britain is popular all through the world. By learning the basic administrative skill, various branches like Banking, Constructions, Energy, Health Management, Tourism, Transport, and Technology can be studied.  These courses can be learnt through Distance Education also. The period for MBA is 1 year.

​Britains Oxford and the Cambridge Universities are branded as the world famous universities.  As we have a lot of information about these universities in media, let us turn to the other universities.   

Cardiff University—www.cardiff.ac.uk.  

This University started in the year 1883, is situated at Kathies Park in Wales. At present nearly 30,685 students are studying here.  There are   28 Schools and 4 Degree colleges in this university. This has been amalgamated into 2 colleges for administrative reasons.

This university opts latest techniques to impart brilliant education and conduct researches.  Besides there are varied and assorted courses like Human Resources, Information Technology, Professional Studies and Studies to be followed throughout the whole  life.  This university is inclusive of special features like students from all over the world, gifted teachers, a well-designed campus in the heart of the city in sylvan surroundings and instructive methods with new dimensions.

Special Features:

Out of the total strength 17% are from other countriesThe rate of the pass percentage is exceedingly  highMore than 20% join higher degree courses  from among the students  who have completed their degree courses  hereThis University is a member of Britain’s famous Russell groupsThe first year students are definitely provided with hostel facilityEducation through latest Computer technologyAssured job opportunities, as they have a good tie-up with corporate organizationsEducation here is of high-quality because the student–teacher ratio is less.  Hence individual attention is possibleThe special feature is the easy walk from the hostel to the class rooms90% students studying here get job opportunities or chances to go for higher studies.

​Cardiff StudiesThis University offers the following courses at different level.Architecture, Bio- Science, Technological Science, Chemistry, Urban Development, Computer Science, Dental, Engineering, English, European studies, Health Science, History, Archeological Research, Journalism, Law, Mathematics, Life science, Production, Music, Nursing, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physics, Astrology, Medicine, Psychology and Studies related to religion. 

Knigston University- www.kingston.ac.uk

This University is  located in a small town called Kingston, close to the river Thames and at a distance of 25 minutes drive from London. Heathrow and Cadwick airports can be easily reached from here.  The main objective of this University is to enhance the standard of education by partaking in higher education.  Moreover this university works towards establishing direct links between education and the world of trade.  This University also offers Fundamental Education, Degree courses, Postgraduate courses and Research studies.

A Few Points

The following Degree courses are offered here Architecture, Arts& Design,   Business Administration, Chemistry, Computer, Economics, Engineering, Ecology, Geography, Soil Science, Health and Hygiene, Linguistics, Law, Mathematics, Statistics, Cinema, Music, Social science and Physical

Science.Postgraduate courses are structured in a novel way.  This university has close links with marketing institutions and industries. Hence job opportunities are bright.Basic studies in English and an extensive research studies apart from regular studies are offered here,Totally 22,250 students are studying here.Information   on courses offered and Admission procedure can be had from its website.We should first choose the course to study, the subject of our choice and then the University.The students who wish to study in Britain  should apply and pass IELTS/ TOEFL and GMAT tests.Prepare write-ups and recommendation letters  for admission eligibility,Submit necessary copies of certificates and application to the university.,Apply for Visa with admission letter from the concerned University.

For More Details:

British Council Division 

​British Deputy High Commission 

737 Anna SalaiChennai 600 002

Phone: 91-44-4205 0600

E-mail: chennai.enquiry@in.britishcouncil.org

​Website: http://www.britishcouncil.org/india 

Contact the regional British Council,

​ChennaiOffice - Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00 hrs

​Education UK, Examinations, Arts, Rights and Society, Science, English

Information Desk - Monday to Saturday - 09:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs

​Exams registration, Information on Arts, Examinations, Education UK, Science, Scholarships, Events